1. militaryarmament:

    A Boeing EA-18G Growler assigned to the “Gauntlets” of Electronic Attack Squadron 136, taxies the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

  2. Wreck of the Glenesslin, October 1913

  3. Down to the Sea in Ships, 1922.  Dir.  Elmer Clifton.

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  4. American Barque “Jane Tudor,” Conway Bay, 1855

  5. onlyoldphotography:

    Max Dupain: Tug “Hero” towing the sailing ship “Pamir”, 1947

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  7. South Seas sailing ship, by Walker Evans

  8. fishstickmonkey:

    British four-masted bark SAMARITAN at anchor, Commencement Bay, Washington, ca. 1904. / Wilhelm Hester Wilhelm Hester Collection

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  9. A century old brig, the Astrid, ran aground and sank on July 24, 2013

  10. The clipper ship “North Bend” run aground on Peacock Spit, near Cape Disappointment, Washington State, 1928